Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

Build genuine relationships, find the support you crave, and grow the hell out of your business!

This isn’t a networking group–It’s an exclusive community 

Let’s be real. If you typed “networking mastermind group” into Google right now, you’d drown in the sea of results. 

But who’s looking for a typical, overflowing networking group anyone can buy their way into?

Not you.

Because you know that investing in deep relationships with business owners who have your back can mean the difference between success and failure.

And you don’t have any more time—or money—to waste in spaces that don’t serve you with the value you expect and deserve.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to align yourself with high-quality connections and form genuine relationships in a safe space that:

You belong inside the Accelerated Business Alliance.

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Accelerated Business Alliance FB Raves
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Your safe space for strategic business relationships

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The Accelerated Business Alliance (ABA) is a private community with a maximum of 100 service-based business owners. 

This close-knit community empowers you to build strong, lasting businesses by cultivating strategic partnerships through masterminds, networking opportunities, and support that can only come from entrepreneurs on similar paths. 

So why cap it at 100 members? 

Because we put every single member through a qualifying process to verify they’re committed and legitimate. 

This isn’t the kind of group where you pay your dues, and you’re in, no questions asked. 

The 100-member cap is in place so the ABA remains the exclusive, tight-knit group that it is.

If you’re serious about growing your business but also want to feel supported and inspired through the often bumpy process, the Accelerated Business Alliance is your safe space.

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Meet Your Faciltator

Hey, I’m Michelle, your expert business strategist, growth coach, and all-around biz bestie. 

The ABA has been on my mind and in my heart since 2019 when I realized I had spent far too long searching for some mythical online space filled with a strong support system of true professionals who know they can rely on each other.

By the end of 2021, when I had yet to find a space that upheld my values as a solopreneur and gave me access to the relationships and support I craved—I created it myself. 

It takes a village.

I believe business owners who surround themselves with ambitious and inspirational peers accelerate their success and protect their mental and emotional health.

That’s the heart of the Accelerated Business Alliance.

But I’m not your coach inside ABA. I’m truly one of your biz besties, your greatest cheerleader, and your number one referral partner. 

My role is to provide guidance and connection, so you’re comfortable and confident as you get to know your fellow ABA members and form the genuine, strategic relationships you’ve been searching for. 

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“We don’t just talk about collaborating or making real connections. We do it!”

ABA is the space where you can connect deeply with other business owners. They may be in different industries, but you can be confident they’ll still be a good match for you. The Alliance makes it easy to connect and collaborate with so many other people and organically create a larger referral network.
The Alliance is very supportive. It takes the good parts of business ownership and nontoxic capitalism and gets rid of all the other junk! I absolutely love that Michelle leads us, but she’s also one of us. She’s in a mastermind; she does the coffee chats; she pops into the coworking sessions. She leads from the middle, and I love that.
ABA is a close-knit networking masterminding group full of really honest, genuine, and authentic people who don’t just talk about collaborating or making real connections. We actually do it! This is definitely where you want to be if you’re looking for a community of growth-oriented people who bring fresh, new perspectives and challenges for your business growth.

A mastermind and networking group for modern business owners

The Accelerated Business Alliance combines the accountability and support of peer-to-peer masterminds with the power of networking. 

But we do it with a uniquely ABA twist—in a space filled with true camaraderie and cooperation.

Sure, we’ve got sales goals and business goals, but we’re never in competition with one another. 

Everything we do is rooted in empowerment and collaboration.

Here are just some of the perks inside this exclusive space:*

  • Vetted Mastermind Group Pairings—The Accelerated Business Alliance is a true PEER-TO-PEER mastermind community. Your group is carefully curated to ensure you’re well-matched with other business owners so you have the specific support you need. And you can be sure your expertise is heard and respected by others.

  • 4-on-4 Coffee Chats and Roundtable Discussions—Like mini-masterminds but with fresh new takes! By connecting with multiple members at once, you quickly build stronger, more authentic relationships and hear diverse perspectives that are critical for your business growth.

  • Private Facebook Group and Member Directory—24/7 access to support from your diverse community network allows you to connect with your fellow ABA members instantly and find exactly who you’re looking for in any referral partnership. Each week we have a FEATURED MEMBER where they get to take over the group and tell us all about them and their business!

  • Community-Led Events—From your favorite weekly co-working sessions to taking over the ABA Facebook page as our featured member, there are endless opportunities inside the Alliance to solidify relationships with your fellow members, gain support and exposure for your offers, and flex your facilitation muscles!

  • Open House Networking Discussions—If exposure is on your radar, you’ll love our open house networking events. These paid events are included in your membership, so you can easily get to know fresh, new faces outside of the Alliance.

  • Beyond Business—Let’s not forget that you’re a whole person outside of your business! Celebrate that with the Alliance during social events like Wine Down Happy Hours and Book Club.

  • New Features are constantly being added and include things like:
    • Accountability Groups
    • Members-Only Discounts
    • Ask Me Anything Office Hours
    • Networking and Relationship Training 

  • And so much more

*All these opportunities are available to you inside the Accelerated Business Alliance but don’t let them overwhelm you.

Our events aren’t mandatory. They exist to provide you with as many growth avenues as possible, but we understand you also need time to run your biz and capitalize on that growth!

“Michelle is genuinely committed to making this a safe space for people to share and grow.”

The biggest thing for me is that you have a business support group inside the Alliance. Non-business owners just don't get what we go through, so having this group when you work for yourself and run your own business is a massive confidence boost. Emotionally, I think it's a huge win to have this in your back pocket.
Michelle is a dynamo, and she’s passionate about what she does. Her commitment to making this a safe space for people to share and grow is genuine, and I completely appreciate that.
This group has provided a sense of confidence working with other successful business owners and realizing we all have similar struggles. Having that support system, with ideas you may have never thought of or just needed the accountability to follow through on, helps push you to the next level and really create a foundation for your business.
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Who belongs inside the Accelerated Business Alliance?

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We welcome forward-thinking, professional business owners open to new perspectives.

One major requirement? You’re ready to engage and build relationships in a sustainable, intentionally curated environment.

You belong in the Accelerated Business Alliance if:

Connect, Collaborate, and Conquer with PEER-TO-PEER Support

ABA Mastermind Call

Learn from other business owners on similar journeys and discover the meaning of true collaboration with access to:

  • A strong support system for feedback or direction when you need it. Being exposed to different opinions and viewpoints can help you quickly and confidently make better business decisions.

  • An expanded network of quality strategic partners who serve similar audiences and can refer vetted, ideal clients. Plus, there’s nothing quite like knowing the providers you refer will provide quality services without fear of damaging your positive brand image. 

  • Opportunities for increased brand visibility through collaboration. Our members regularly get invited to participate in speaking gigs, podcast appearances, guest blogging, joint offers, and more.
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You are the magic inside The Accelerated Business Alliance

Most spaces don’t provide you with exclusive opportunities to form high-quality relationships AND have access to regular mastermind support with people whose goals mirror yours.

Other mastermind programs can be filled with a jumble of industries from Brick & Mortar to eCommerce and cost upwards of $25,000 annually. 

And your typical formulaic group coaching format elevates the coach as the single authority. Those programs can cost as much as $10,000 for a few months of training that doesn’t focus on the support of strategic partnerships.

In the Accelerated Business Alliance, everyone is on an even playing field and brings their own unique value to the table. 

Your investment in the Accelerated Business Alliance is far less than the thousands you’ve likely already invested in spaces that didn’t serve you. 

Your 6-Month Investment

Monthly—  $350 (x 6)

Paid In Full— $2000 (x 1)

Welcome to the Cool Kids club. Without the Mean Girls’ energy. 

The reality is that being a business owner can be lonely and isolating.

One minute you’re riding the high of an incredible business win before you’re struck down by the realization that you have no one to share it with who will understand.

Of course, you can tell your friends and family, but you’ll probably be met with a lukewarm “Great” instead of the enthusiastic “OMG YOU’RE KILLING IT” support you crave.

That’s why having a group of other badass entrepreneurs, like the members inside The Accelerated Business Alliance, is like having an emotional cheer squad in your back pocket. 

The beautiful thing about an exclusive group like this one is that’s incredibly inclusive on the inside. 

We’ve got your back.

Celebrating our wins every Friday!

Accelerated Business Alliance Facebook Wins
Accelerated Business Alliance Facebook Wins
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Once we reach our 100-member maximum, the doors will close forever. 

The only way in will be if someone needs to leave…

Because they’re fully supported, booked solid with clients, and don’t have time for us any more thanks to everything they gained as a member of our powerful space!

Don’t wait for that to happen.

If you want to be a part of this highly curated community that will support every part of your journey and help you explode your business growth—

Apply to join the Accelerated Business Alliance before the doors close forever.

I personally review the applications to vet each and every ABA member.

And the 100-member cap will allow us to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of our safe, supportive space.

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Accelerated Business Alliance Mastermind Call Raves
Accelerated Business Alliance FB Raves

A Community Curated with Intention

When you apply to join, you’ll be invited to a 15-minute chat with me (Michelle) as I personally meet with each member of the Accelerated Business Alliance.

After you’ve been accepted to the group, you get immediate access to your members-only portal and the private Accelerated Business Alliance community.

Once you’re in, you can look forward to strategic introductions to other members, and you’ll gain access to all the perks and benefits of being on the inside.

Accelerated Business Alliance with Michelle DeNio Primary Logo

The Accelerated Business Alliance

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Just The Facts

ABA is an exclusive community of a maximum of 100 professional business owners. Its members have constant access to network building and mastermind support.

Doors open quarterly and close forever when the 100-member cap is reached.

What’s Inside

  • Bi Weekly Mastermind Group Meetings
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Community Led Events
  • Accountability Groups
  • Endless Opportunities for Collaborative Engagement
  • Access to Your Private FB Group, Member Directory, and Contact Information 
  • Members-Only Discounts
  • Networking and Relationship Marketing Training
  • Network of up to 100 Professionals
  • Expert Speakers and Training
  • Beyond Business: Book Clubs, Wine Down Happy Hours

Your 6-Month Investment

Monthly—  $350 (x 6)

Paid In Full— $2000 (x 1)

YES! The ABA is for you even if you work with a coach or belong to another group…and more answers

Working with a coach in a 1:1 or group format is designed to give you individualized support and ideas.  

Being a mastermind member allows you to share those ideas, get further feedback from others, hold yourself accountable, collaborate with pros, and increase your confidence. 

A mastermind group will amplify the goals you’re working on with your coach.

That’s totally fine! Most of the professionals who get invited to join the Alliance have experience with other groups. 

And some of them even choose to stay with the other group, as well. Because those groups fill a very different role from the ABA. 

While large groups of 400-500+ members are great for networking, they don’t offer relationship building or support, and they tend to be very inconsistent and impersonal. 

The ABA is unique as a safe, supportive space for true business professionals, so being engaged in other groups doesn’t take away from your presence here.

Of course you can! After all, you want to be social on social media, right?

And while high-quality networking is an integral part of what we do inside the Accelerated Business Alliance, our main focus is as a true PEER-TO-PEER MASTERMIND. 

Masterminds, like the ones we run, are about each member addressing their problems and the rest of the group brainstorming solutions. Each member is a crucial part of the mastermind and is given space to share their expertise.  

This is not a coaching program. 

This is a collaborative group designed and facilitated with your growth and success in mind.

The Accelerated Business Alliance was created for online service-based business owners who serve a B2B audience and have been in business for at least 1 year.

By following an application process, we ensure each member serves a similar audience and that the group covers various industries so everyone’s voice is heard and valued.

It’s imperative that each member brings a relevant experience to the group so we can relate to and serve each other in the best capacity possible.

Nothing is worse than joining a group and discovering only 3 members are actually engaged. 

Our events aren’t mandatory (because you have a business to run and a life to live, and we get that), but by interviewing and vetting each application, we ensure that only those who are able and willing to be as active as possible are invited to join the alliance. 

How much time you commit to the Accelerated Business Alliance is up to you, and you can expect to get out of it what you put in.

Obviously, we can’t guarantee that anyone in the group will become your client.

We also don’t expect you to sign-up for any programs, courses, or services you don’t want to participate in just because you’re here. 

We do ensure a wide variety of service providers and industries are represented so that our members have a strong network to pull from, both for their purposes and to refer to their own networks. 

So, while you may not gain clients directly from any Alliance members, chances are very high that you’ll get introductions that lead to clients.

FINALLY, a supportive online space exclusively for professional business owners like you!

Build authentic relationships and get the support you need to make your business more successful than ever.